IRMA: Implementation and Remote Connection for Real Time Moniotoring of Marine Microorganisms

Funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Education (MIUR)
Scientific Coordinator Raffaella Casotti

This project proposes to use a prototype for the automatic, continuous staining of bacteria for the in situ high frequency monitoring (several times a day, up to every 30 min). This instrument will complement the tools already available to SZN for the monitoring of photosynthetic microorganisms, allowing the definition in close temporal and spatial scale of the microbial compartment. We will study the feasibility of use on sampling boats, even without any technical supervision and, in the long term, on buoys. The data produced will provide useful information on the microbial dynamics at very small time scale in several coastal sites. The final product will be a demonstrator of multiparameter monitoring station that transmits environmental data from different sources in real time, operated remotely, helping to build an early warning system for environmental risk

Our role in the project is to coordinate actions and to test, calibrate and validate the prototype

Partners: SZN, CytoBuoy bv (Holland, George Dubelaar), Eawag (Switzerland, Frederick Hammes), CNRS- MIO (France, Gérald Grégori, Melilotus Thyssen, Michel Denis), INGV (Italian, Giovanni Iannaccone, Sergio Guardato)

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