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Grant and Innovation Office Coordinator: Giorgio Carpino

Grant and Innovation Office Staff: Giosuè Zurzolo, Ornella Papaluca, Alberto Corona, Valerio Mattera, Valeria Mancusi


The SZN Grant and Innovation Office (GIO) offers support to SZN members on looking for funding opportunities, developing their ideas and expoiting the results of their research. 

We will help you to take the next step, either for research or for the market. 

Do you need support to delevop your ideas? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book an appointment


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New opportunities · Funding your research · Developing your ideas · Expanding your network


Strategic advice for your research – funding your research

GIO staff aims at maximising the capacity of SZN researchers to obtain external funding for their research. We provide you with support for:

  • Scouting for international and national calls, opportunities, training programmes
  • Identifying the most promising funding schemes for your research idea and career stage 
  • Maintenance of statistics on research funding at the SZN
  • Publicizing opportunities and research related events to the SZN research community

Project Management – funding your research

Based on previous experience of management of large national and international projects, we can help you with:

  • Understanding the regulations of the funding agencies
  • Developing and establishing research networks
  • Preparing the proposal (in terms of budget planning, project management preparation, workplan and impact) 
  • Managing the application process, by clarifying inquiries, reading, giving feedback and commenting on applications
  • Definition of a Project Management and a Dissemination and Exploitation plan of the project
  • Negotiation of terms and conditions for a successful proposal
  • Implementation of an efficient project management in all administrative, legal, and financial matters
  • Submission of progress reports and financial statements to the funding agency

Patenting, licensing, property right and Innovation advice – develop your ideas

Our innovation advisors have a good knowledge of promotion, commercialization, product development, business development, technology transfer and intellectual property rights. We support you in developing your ideas through the evaluation process towards a possible patent. This means, for example, that we:

  • Help you to design, present and formulate your ideas
  • Identify potential patents from SZN research results
  • Submit to the internal evaluation Commission the potential patenting ideas
  • Manage the relationship with SZN administrative offices and external consultants
  • Define an Exploitation plan
  • Promote and manage the relationship with stakeholders
  • Prepare and sign of patents-related contracts
  • Manage the patents portfolio of the SZN  
  • Maintain statistics on research services and patents by the SZN

External contracts - expand your network

Research activities can be conducted in the framework of external contracts with public and private institutes. These contracts can be institutional and involve different entities and structures of SZN. Alternatively, they can be referred to specific research activities. These contracts are not confined to research agreements, but can also cover such things as the exchange of confidential information, datasets, research tools or materials and terms and conditions for research projects. 

GIO staff, depending on the case, will support several activities, for example:  

  • Preparing the administrative documents 
  • Developing and establishing of the partnership participating to the activities (in case of institutional contracts) and its coordination
  • Defining the budget
  • Defining the contracts

Training and networking events 

  • Organizing and conducting workshops on scouting, proposal preparation, patenting and develop new business (spin-off)
  • Organizing and conducting workshops on specific funding opportunities
  • Contact point with APRE and other Agencies

Contact: gio(at)szn.it

You can download the PDF presentation about us here

Grand and Innovation Office Contacts

Giorgio Carpino: giorgio.carpino(at)szn.it, +39 081 5833231

Giosuè Zurzolo: giosue.zurzolo(at)szn.it, +39 081 5833341

Ornella Papaluca: ornella.papaluca(at)szn.it, +39 081 5833366

Alberto Corona: alberto.corona(at)szn.it

Valerio Mattera: valerio.mattera(at)szn.it, +39 081 5833 367

Valeria Mancusi: valeria.mancusi(at)szn.it, +39 388 800 46 08

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