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The MEDA unit carries out the data processing of the automatic profilers, returning them in standard and graphic formats.

Moreover, chemical and instrumental analyses are conducted on the main environmental and biological variables.

Services provided
  • Post processing of CTD data
  • Data processing of automatic profilers
  • Analyses of:

üInorganic nutrients;

üTotal and dissolved Nitrogen and Phosphorus;

üDissolved oxygen;

üParticulate organic carbon ( POC);

üTotal suspended solids ( TSS );

üChlorophyll a ( spectrofluorimetry and spectrophotometry );

üPhotosynthetic pigments ( HPLC );

üAbsorption spectra;

üModulated fluorescence

In order to access the service, users have to fill the form and mail it at: francesca.margiotta(at)szn.it

The analyses will be scheduled with Dr. Francesca Margiotta


Flow Sys Systea Autoanalyzer

Thermo Flash EA 1112 Series CHN analyzer

Agilent 1110 Series HPLC

SHIMADZU RF-5301PC spectrofluorometer

Agilent 8453 UV-Visibile spectrophotometer

Walz Phyto-Pam


Fabio Conversano

Tel. + 39 081 5833357

e-mail: fabio.conversano(at)szn.it

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