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ABBaCo - Restauro Ambientale e Balneabilità del SIN Bagnoli-Coroglio

DIsCO - Diatom life cycles, molecular controls and contribution to ecosystem dynamics

EMSO MedIT - Project financed in the framework of PON R&C 2007-2013 - PAC Enhancement of public research infrastructures

GRASSMET - Climate change effects on seagrass secondary metabolism: ecological implications

HEATGRASS - Tolerance to HEAT stress induced by climate change in the seaGRASS Posidonia oceanica

HighGrass - High-CO2 effects on seagrass photosynthetic ecophysiology

INBALANCE - INvertebrate-BActeriaL Associations as hotspots of benthic Nitrogen Cycling in Estuarine ecosystems

IRMA - Implementation and Remote Connection for Real Time Moniotoring of Marine Microorganisms - Funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Education (MIUR)

PALEOPARK - Seagrass palaeo-records as a tool for the evaluation, diagnosis and prognosis of the evolution of species, communities, and processes in Spanish insular National Parks

RECCAM - Seagrass Meadows resilience to global warming: an analysis based on responses at ecophysiological, population and ecosystem levels




PON01_02093 Study of new technologies and technological platforms for the improvement of production processes of active pharmaceutical ingredients of industrial interest and search for new bioactive molecules from natural sources
Leader: Sanofi-Aventis S.p.A.

PON01_02782 New nanotechnological strategies for the development of drugs and diagnostic tools directed to circulating cancer cells (CTC).
Leader: Biogem S.c.a r.l

PON01_00117 Antigens and Adjuvants for Vaccines and Immunotherapy.
Leader: Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics Ltd.

RESIGRASS - An holistic understanding of seagrass functioning and resilience to local-scale disturbances: from molecular to biogeographical scales

S&T MED - Financed by the ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin 2007/2013 Program of the European Union 

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