ESSEM COST Action ES0906: Seagrass productivity: from genes to ecosystem management


The main objective of this Action is to provide the scientific basis for estimating and preserving the goods and services arising from the productivity of European seagrass ecosystems under anthropogenic pressure. Seagrass ecosystems rank with coral reefs and tropical rainforests in their many ecosystem services, yet are drastically declining worldwide as a consequence of both anthropogenic and natural pressures including habitat fragmentation, eutrophication, poor water clarity and climate change stressors. In spite of this, the level of awareness is low and management ineffective. Seagrass research is fragmented and there is little integration between researchers and coastal zone managers. The Action aim is to form a European-wide research coordination network that integrates expertise in physiological ecology, ecological genomics and conservation-resource management.

SZN role

G. Procaccini, Management Committee member and coordinator of the WG2. Develop functional genetic and genomic tools to understand seagrass photosynthetic responses to environmental stressors.

Project lifetime


P. I.

Gabriele Procaccini
Project coordinator: Rui Santos (University of Algarve, Portugal)

Funding Institution



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