PON01_02093 Study of new technologies and technological platforms for the improvement of production processes of active pharmaceutical ingredients of industrial interest and search for new bioactive molecules from natural sources


Sanofi-Aventis S.p.A.


36 months


natural medicines, chemotherapy, microalgae

ERC sectors

LS7_3, LS9_9

Summary of the project

The overall objective of the project is the study and application of advanced and innovative technologies for the  improvement of productive processes of pharmaceutical industry and the search for new molecules with potential pharmacological activity in the anti-infective, anti- cancer and anti-inflammatory field.
The first research line of the project will study the most innovative aspects of technologies of microbiology and genetics of producer strains.
The second research line will study the possibility to identify new products as candidates of potential pharmaceutical interest in the fields of anti-infectives and more generally in cancer and chronic-degenerative diseases connected with ageing, with particular attention to inflammation role. These activities will be focused on the search for new substances of pharmacological interest by screening extracts from microorganisms and / or aquatic organisms and on the characterization of their beneficial and anti-infection properties.
The project will allow the maintenance of a high scientific and technological concentration of great innovative potential characterized by an organic collaboration between industrial and academic researchers.

Description of activities

The project is divided into two lines, each divided into four development objectives (OR) according to the following scheme:
OR 1.1 - Genetic Improvement / genomic technologies
OR 1.2 - Genetic Improvement / Strain improvement
OR 1.3 - Physiology of fermentation
OR 1.4 - Extraction / Purification
OR 2.1 - New methods for the search of bioactive molecules by microorganisms
OR 2.2 - Summary of chemical derivatives of mature products
OR 2.3 - Identification of target and natural compounds relevant to cancer diseases, and chronic degenerative diseases associated with aging
OR 2.4 - Screening and characterization of extracts from marine organisms
The Zoological Station will be involved in the following activities:
OR 2.4 - Screening and characterization of extracts from marine organisms
The purpose of this Objective is the identification of new active principles with antimicrobial and / or antitumor and / or protective activity against neurodegeneration and / or aging. To achieve this goal the Zoological Station will perform the following activities:
ARI 2.4.1 - Identification of bodies from which to extract the active ingredients and their collection
Will be identified already known that microalgae can be a source of active ingredients with antimicrobial activity, antitumor, antineurodegenerativa, anti-aging. The selection will be made on the basis of their environmental activities.
ARI 2.4.2 - Extraction and sample preparation
Each species of microalgae will be cultivated to SZN so as to obtain a sufficient biomass for the extraction of small molecules by the Institute of CNR of Biomolecular Chemistry (ICB-CNR) as a third party custodial .. Once you have identified the active fractions from the other partners will identify molecule chemistry by the ICB and production in the SZN algae that produce these molecules.

Expected Results

Identification of at least one product that has the characteristics to be evaluated as a new "lead candidate" (New Product).

Time charts

PON 02093 timechart

Table 1 Costs

CostiValoreDurata mesi
Spese di personale totale 360.000 36
Costi consulenza tot 225.000 36
Altri costi esercizio totali 160.000 36
Spese generali 180.000 36

Table 2 Personnel SZN

NominativoQualificaMonte ore tot
per persona
Durata mesi
Ianora Adrianna Senior Researcher 5,5 36
Romano Giovanna Researcher 8 36
Esposito Francesco Technologist 8 36
Palumbo Flora Cter 8 36
Perna Massimo Cter 8 36
Tecn 1 temp det Technologist 22 24
Cter 1 tempo det Cter 22 24
Totale ore   82 36

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