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Changes of energy fluxes in marine animal forests of the Anthropocene: factors shaping the future seascape

Co-inertia multivariate approach for the evaluation of anthropogenic impact on two commercial fish along Tyrrhenian coasts

Fish assemblages associated with coastal defence structures: Does the surrounding habitat matter?

Detection of artificial cellulose microfibers in Boops boops from the northern coasts of Sicily (Central Mediterranean)

Plastics occurrence in the gastrointestinal tract of Zeus faber and Lepidopus caudatus from the Tyrrhenian Sea

Jellyfish summer outbreaks as bacterial vectors and potential hazards for marine animals and humans health? The case of Rhizostoma pulmo (Scyphozoa, Cnidaria)

Prostaglandins in Marine Organisms: A Review

Effects of global warming on reproduction and potential dispersal of Mediterranean Cnidarians

Effects of ecosystem stress on reproduction and development

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