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Taking advantage of seagrass recovery potential to develop novel and effective meadow rehabilitation methods

Links between microbial processing of organic matter and the thermohaline and productivity features of a temperate river-influenced Mediterranean coastal area

Re‑shaping marine plankton communities: effects of diatom oxylipins on copepods and beyond

Combining Marine Ecology and Economy to Roadmap the Integrated Coastal Management: A Systematic Literature Review

Assessing the quality of biogeochemical coastal data: a step-wise procedure

Ocurrence of Ostreopsis in two temperate coastal bays (SW iberia): Insights from the plankton

ILTER – The International Long-Term Ecological Research Network as a Platform for Global Coastal and Ocean Observation

An Integrated Approach to Coastal and Biological Observations

Mercury accumulation in freshwater and marine fish from the wild and from aquaculture ponds

Anthropogenic impact is negatively related to coral health in Sicily (Mediterranean Sea)

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