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Turtles on the trash track: loggerhead turtles exposed to floating plastic in the Mediterranean Sea

Gastrointestinal investigation of parasites and Enterobacteriaceae in loggerhead sea turtles from Italian coasts

Loggerhead sea turtles as sentinels in the western Mediterranean: antibiotic resistance and environment-related modifications of Gram-negative bacteria

Sulfur-containing histidine compounds inhibit -glutamyl transpeptidase activity in human cancer cells

Are FADs a significant source of marine litter? Assessment of released debris and mitigation strategy in the Mediterranean sea

Molecular identity of the non-indigenous Cassiopea sp. from Palermo Harbour (central Mediterranean Sea)

Ocean acidification impact on ascidian Ciona robusta spermatozoa: New evidence for stress resilience

A multidisciplinary analytical framework to delineate spawning areas and quantify larval dispersal in coastal fish

Natural Sulfur-Containing Compounds: An Alternative Therapeutic Strategy against Liver Fibrosis

Sulfide oxidation in deep Baltic Sea sediments upon oxygenation and colonization by macrofauna

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