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08 FOTO TESSERATechnologist
Dipartimento Infrastrutture di ricerca per le risorse biologiche marine
Infrastrutture ricerca a mare

Location: Amendolara Excellence Centre

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn
C.da Torre Spaccata
87071 Amendolara (CS) - Italia

Tel: +39 09811896901
Mob: +39 3511670040
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Contatto Skype: claudioberti.marine

Curriculum Vitae


Research expertise

I’m an Officer on leave, of Italian Coast Guard. I started my career working for several years in Messina Maritime Authority on Safety, Security and Technical Department.
I’m experienced in the field of marine antipollution and oil-spill as I hold the office of research development manager for entitled company of Milazzo Maritime Authority Department. I cooperated on International Research Project with Universities, Public Institutions and Research Institutes.
I’m experienced in international maritime trade, international marine conventions and maritime transport, particularly on dangerous goods.
I spent my working life dealing in maritime, marine and port matter fields, I’m Maritime Expert since 2007 and Marine Judiciary Consultant being well registered at Barcellona P.G. Law Court from 2008.
My main research field is focused on International Maritime Conventions related to marine environmental and pollution prevention, like as Marpol 73/78, Ship’s Ballast Water and Sediments Management Convention, London Convention on Dumping, Barcelona convention and European regulations on ship’s pollution matters.
Specifically, technical methods and procedure to prevent marine pollution from ship’s generated waste, marine litter and maritime pollution critical issue.

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