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  • Rearing in closed environment of marine model organisms- Tunicates (Ciona intestinalis), Echinoderms (Paracentrotus lividus, Astropecten aranciacus), Cephalocordates (Branchiostoma lanceolatum), Molluscs (Mytilus galloprovincialis) - for researches in the field of molecular biology, development and ecotoxicology
  • Rearing in closed environment of marine allochtonous species - Echinoderms (Strongylocentrotus  purpuratus, Patiria miniata) - in special closed systems with treatment of the effluents by means of UV sterilization.
  • Use of a general Data Base to manage in continuous: tanks, species, materials, activities (collections, use of animals by scientists etc.).
Services provided
  • Provision of model organisms at the adult stage for the research section BEOM
  • Technical and biological Management of populations by means of:
    - check and continuous monitoring of chemical and physical parameters of the water
    - monitoring in continuous of light and temperature in the tanks
    - feeding protocols different according to the model animal considered

Various size tanks in plastic, acrilic or perspex and small racks containing glass tanks

Multiparametric probes to monitor the physical parameters of water

Spectrophotometer to analyse seawater

Continuous monitoring system by means of probes and digital control by a PC

Various aquarium accessosies (external filters, skimmers, chillers, heaters, accessory dimmerizable lights, ricirculation pumps and various accessories)


Fulvio Maffucci

+39 081 5833602

e-mail: fulvio.maffucci(at)szn.it

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