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Foto Zupo Nuove specie modello

Description Identification of new model species for the scientific research
Services provided In the future, it will be possible to have other species of ascidiacea (Botryllus shlosseri), echinoderms (Asterina gibbous), isopods, amphipods, decapods crustaceans, molluscs and polychaete worms to be allocated to scientific research.

Tanks of various sizes and volumes (fiberglass, acrylic), racks with small glass tanks on plastic racks.

Continuous Monitoring system by means of probes and computerized central control.

Various accessories for aquariums (external filters, skimmers, chillers, heaters, lighting dimmerable accessories, recirculating pumps and various other accessories.


Fulvio Maffucci

+39 081 5833602

e-mail: fulvio.maffucci(at)szn.it

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