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Image 1Sicily Marine Centre is an interdepartmental centre that deals with marine biology and ecology, through multidisciplinary studies and favoring an integrated approach.

The interdepartmental Sicily Marine Centre aims to study marine biological and ecological aspects by multidisciplinary and ecosystemic approach. The research activity is employed in three location: Messina, Milazzo e Palermo.

The main research topics are focused on:
• Study on biology and ecology of fish species, with particular focus on deep environments (meso- and batipelagic species), aimed to sustainable management of fisheries source according to an ecosistemic approach.
• Study on biodiversity conservation focusing on the design of spatial protection measures, on the ecological and socio-economic effects of protection and on governance models.
• Study on effects of global change the impact of marine litter on habitat and species.
• Application and implementation of biotechnology with particular regard to extreme environments and habitats of naturalistic interest.

Teresa Romeo

Seats Director
Teresa Romeo
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+39 081 5833 748

Sicily Marine Centre is organized in 3 functional areas:
- Biology, Ecology and Management of Fisheries resources
- Microbial Ecology and Marine Biotechnology
- Biodiversity and Fisheries



Teresa Romeo


Francesca De Domenico

Senior Researcher

Antonio Di Franco
Sylvaine Giakoumi
Paolo Sordino


Pietro Battaglia
Carlo Cattano
Pierpaolo Consoli
Manfredi Di Lorenzo
Giacomo Milisenda
Carmen Rizzo
Mauro Sinopoli


Giorgio Aglieri


Arcadi Erika
Costantino Antonino
Franzitta Giulio
Malara Danilo (in aspettativa)

Vincenzo Manfrè
Marilena Sanfilippo

Arturo Zenone (in aspettativa)

Research Fellowship

Rosario Calogero
Katie Hogg
Francesco Longo



PhD student

Giuseppe Cangemi
Chiara Gambardella

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