The CUG-SZN, established in December 2011, was renewed in April 2016 for the 2016-2020 four-year period. The Committee is currently composed of six members designated by representative trade unions and six representatives of the Administration, appointed by the President on the basis of electoral consultations, ensuring overall equal presence of both genders.

Appointment of the Committee:

1) Delibera del Presidente n. 32 del 7 aprile 2016 - 2) Decreto del presidente n. 20 del 5 aprile 2018 (In Italian)

Members Substitute members Role
Diana Sarno Andrea Affuso President
Salvatore D’Aniello Andrea Travaglini Member
Elisabetta Tosti Gianluca Zazo Member
Paola Cirino Maria Francone (Segretaria) FLC CGIL designation member
Claudia Di Somma Giuseppe Corato FIR CISL designation member
Carmen Minucci Alessandro Amoroso UIL RUA designation member

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