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SIZE / DATA ARCHIVING MODE: .txt, .csv format with server archived data SZN

DATA ACCESSIBILITY: currently not available online but available on request

Short Description The elastic beacon "MEDA A Bagnoli" is located in the Bay of Bagnoli (Latitude: 40° 48.550' N, Longitude: 014° 09.300' E), a short distance from the coast, on a depth of about 19 m. The MEDA A is equipped with automatic instruments for continuous acquisition of weather-marine parameters, which allow to carry out high frequency and long-term measures. Data is transmitted in real-time to earth with a broadband Wi-Fi bridge and also with the GSM network.
Measuring Instruments

Profile System (Multiparameter Probe)

The system acquires the physical-chemical data along the water column from the surface to the depth of 15 meters, with hourly rate. The parameters acquired are: Depth (m), Temperature (°C), Salinity (psu), Dissolved Oxygen (ml/l), pH, Fluorescence (RFU) and Irradiance (μE/m2sec)

Weather sensors

The weather station on MEDA acquires continuously and returns clockwise the following parameters: Wind Direction (Degrees), Wind Speed (m/s), Air Temperature (° C), Atmospheric Pressure (hPa), Humidity Relative (%), Rain (mm/h) and Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR μE/m2×sec)

ADCP Current meter

The ADCP is located on the bottom at a short distance from the MEDA continuously acquires and returns every 15 minutes the following parameters: Current Direction (Degrees), Current Speed (m/s), Wave Height (m), Wave Period (s), Wave Direction (Degrees) and Tide (m)


Augusto Passarelli

Monitoring and Environmental Data Unit (MEDA)

tel. +39 081 5833 603-604

e-mail: augusto.passarelli(at)szn.it

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