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Small-scale fishing vessels at Regno di Nettuno MPA. © Emanuela Di Meglio, Mauro Sinopoli


“FishMPABlue2 Plus” project is the follow-up of FishMPABlue2 and previously of FishMPABlue, which identified a set of governance measures (“FishMPABlue2 SSF governance toolkit”) that can allow marine protected areas (MPAs) to achieve conservation goals while at the same time delivering socio-economic benefits to small scale fisheries. FishMPABlue2 tested such a toolkit (i.e. by implementing these measures), on the field in 11 Pilot MPAs located in 6 Med countries (Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Greece), to assess and quantify its effectiveness in achieving expected results in terms of MPA ecological effectiveness, benefits delivered to small scale fisheries and social acceptance of management measures by stakeholders. After a collaborative process, i.e. engaging the relevant stakeholders (e.g. MPA managers, fishers etc.) to define governance measures to be implemented in each MPA, a scientific assessment was carried out to assess ecological, economic and social impacts of the implementation of the toolkit in the 11 pilot MPAs.

FishMPABlue 2 Plus, aims to transfer the governance toolbox approach to 11 new Mediterranean MPA from 5 countries: Secche di Tor Paterno MPA (Italy); Secche della Meloria MPA (Italy); Regno di Nettuno MPA (Italy); Pequerolle marine reserve (France); Cap d'Ail marine reserve; Lastovo MPA (Croatia); Velebit Channel Marine Reserve (Croatia); Karaburun- Sazan MPA (Albania); Butrint National Park (Albania); Samaria MPA (Greece); Pelagos Sanctuary (Italy-Monaco-France).

Mappa siti FishMPABlue 2 Plus

The eleven MPAs involved in FishMPABlue 2 Plus

Project Partners

Federparchi (Italy), Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (Italy), WWF Adria, (Croatia), University of Aegean (Greece), National Agency of Protected Areas (Albania), University of Cote D’Azur (France).

Project Lifetime

06/2021 to 06/2022

SZN Role

Partner responsible of the Training Activity (training on the “FishMPABlue2 SSF governance toolkit” through webinars and on-site meetings; training on the design and implementation of assessment of Marine Protected Areas ecological and fisheries effectiveness during a Summer School in Crete).

Principal Investigator for SZN

Antonio Di Franco, senior researcher at EMI, Sicily Marine Center

Funding Institution

Interreg MED programme, 85% co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (Project reference number: 10MED21_3.2_M3_010)

Contribution to SZN

55.000 €

Dedicated website


SZN team

Antonio Di Franco, Paolo Guidetti, Carlo Cattano, Giorgio Aglieri, Simone Bava

Publications from FishMPABlue projects

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Di Franco A., Di Carlo G., Francour P., Gutiérrez N.L., Jeudy de Grissac A., Milazzo M., Otero M., Piante C., Sainz-Trapaga S., Santarossa L., Thiriet P., Tudela S., Guidetti P., 2016. Five key attributes can increase marine protected areas performance for small-scale fisheries management. Scientific Reports 6, 38135; doi: 10.1038/ srep38135

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