Biologia Molecolare e dello SviluppoThe Electrophoresis and PCR platform is equipped with several PCR machines (9) and with the necessary equipment for the: preparation of agarose gel, electrophoresis gel running, UV image acquisition, quantification of nucleic acids (NanoDrop).

AmorosoManagere: Alessandro Amoroso

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Extension #345





Bookable Equipment Stanza 146
Room #146
Chemical Hood for the purification of nucleic acids
stanza 235
Room #235
- PCR HYBAID Express #1
- PCR HYBAID Express #2
- PCR BIORAD C1000 #1
- PCR BIORAD C1000 #2
- PCR MJResearch PTC 100
- PCR MJResearch MiniCycler
- PCR GeneAmp System 9700
- PCR EPPENDORF Mastercycler
- Thermostated Bath JULABO SW22
- Thermostated Bath GFL
- Hybridization Oven FINEPCR
- Hybridization Oven TECNE
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Primo piano Ala EST, #146


Secondo piano Ala EST, #235

Elettroforesi e PCR mappa1 Elettroforesi e PCR mappa2




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