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Head: Marina Montresor


The lab contains equipment and infrastructure used for the study of the functional and taxonomic diversity of marine plankton. In particular, in this laboratory analyses are carried out on the taxonomic and molecular diversity of plankton samples collected at the Long Term Ecological Research site MareChiara in the Gulf of Naples as well as elsewhere, in the frame of participation in regional and global projects. Experimental approaches focus on the physiology and life cycles of marine microalgae and on the feeding behaviour of zooplankton.

Systems for experimentation

  • Light- and temperature-controlled walk-in incubator and incubators of different volume for in vivo experiments with phyto- and zooplankton.
  • Optical system for video footage of zooplankton organisms.
  • Plankton wheel for experimentation with phyto-, micro- and mesozooplankton.


  • Quantitative analysis of marine phytoplankton and zooplankton.
  • Preparation of phytoplankton cultures and their morphological and molecular characterization.
  • Phylogenetic analysis.
  • "Metabarcode" analysis of marine plankton with Next Generation Sequencing approaches.


  • Stereoscopes and optical microscopes
  • Microscope with epifluorescence illumination and digital cameras to take photographs and movies.
  • Zooscan with related software.
  • Camera System for video-registration of zooplankton movement.
  • Area equipped for the isolation of cultures and experimentation (laminar flow hood, microscopes for cell isolation, fluorimeter).
  • Molecular Laboratory equipped for DNA extraction, PCR, DNA electrophoresis, preparation for NGS sequencing.

Cappa flusso laminare

Colture fitoplancton

Laboratorio Biologia Molecolare

Microscopio per isolamento colture


Rete per campionamento zooplancton

Sistema di telecamere per ripresa comportamento copepodi

Stereoscopio dotato di telecamera

Zooscan per la stima quantitativa dello zooplancton

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