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Foto Sito SZNTechnician
Research Infrastructures for marine biological resources Department
Infrastructure for Marine Research

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Cellulare 3485968407

Short CV

I am a marine ecologist and scientific diver, with research interest mainly focused on anthropogenic impacts on benthic communities. I am interested in studying the effects of coastal urbanization, the spread of invasive species, Reserve effect of marine protected areas and the effectiveness of pilot habitat restoration interventions, in particular with regard to reef-building species and habitat-forming species. I carry out my research activities with an experimental approach both for descriptive studies and for the set-up of in-field manipulative experiments. I am an expert in underwater sampling including visual (non-destructive) and destructive methods on hard-bottom, soft-bottom and seagrass meadows. I am a PhD in environmental sciences, diving instructor and qualified to conduct motor boats.


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4. Franzitta G, Capruzzi E, La Marca EC, Milazzo M, Chemello R. Recruitment patterns in an intertidal species with low dispersal ability: the reef-building gastropod Dendropoma cristatum (Biondi, 1859). Italian Journal of Zoology 2016; 83: 400-407.
5. Franzitta G, Hanley ME, Airoldi L, Baggini C, Bilton DT, Rundle SD, Thompson RC. Home advantage? Decomposition across the freshwater-estuarine transition zone varies with litter origin and local salinity. Marine Environmental Research 2015; 110: 1-7.
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