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Research Infrastructures for marine biological resources Department
Infrastructure for Marine Research

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn
Villa Comunale
80121 Napoli - Italia

Tel.: +39 081 5833357
Fax: +39 081 7641355 - +39 081 5833360
e-mail: daniela.cianelli(at)szn.it

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

My main line of investigation is the study of the surface dynamics in coastal areas. More particularly, I focus my research on two aspects of transport and diffusion processes in marine environment applying an integrated numerical –observational approach:

- the implementation of coupled physical-biological models to determine the impact of the physical processes on planktonic organisms (both phyto and zooplankton)

- the numerical simulation of transport and diffusive processes of pollutants tracers

The approach I follow is aimed at integrating observational hydrodynamic, biological and chemical data with numerical simulations. I have also interested in the analysis of surface circulation and wave climate using HF radars and in situ measurements.

Selected Publications

Bunka N., Hall T., Zambianchi E., Cianelli D. et al., (2019) “Surface Currents III - HF radar applications in the Gulf of Naples”, The 4th Ocean Radar Conference for Asia-Pacific, Session III – Surface Currents , pp. 37-40.

Cianelli D., D’Alelio D., Uttieri M., Sarno D., Zingone A., Zambianchi E. and Ribera d’Alcalà M. (2017), “Disentangling physical and biological drivers of phytoplankton dynamics in a coastal system”, Scientific Reports, 7, 15868, DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-15880-x

Falco P., Buonocore B., Cianelli D., De Luca L., Giordano A., Iermano I., Kalampokis A., Saviano S., Uttieri M., Zambardino G., Zambianchi E. (2016), “Dynamics and sea state in the Gulf of Naples: potential use of HF radar data in an operational oceanographic context”, Journal of Operational Oceanography, 9(1), s33-s45.

Cianelli D., Iermano I., Mozzillo P., Uttieri M., Zambardino G., Buonocore B., Falco P., Zambianchi E., (2015), “Inshore/offshore water exchange in the Gulf of Naples”, Journal of Marine Systems, 145, 37–52.

Uttieri M., Sabia L., Cianelli D., Strickler J. R., Zambianchi E. (2010), “Lagrangian modelling of swimming behaviour and encounter success in co-occurring copepods: Clausocalanus furcatus vs. Oithona plumifera”, Journal of Marine Systems 81, Issue 1-2, 112–121

Cianelli D., Sabia L., Ribera d’Alcalà M., Zambianchi E. (2009), “An individual-based analysis of the dynamics of two coexisting phytoplankton species in the mixed layer”, Ecological Modelling, 220, Issue 19, 2380-2392

Cianelli D., Uttieri M., Strickler J. R., Zambianchi E. (2009), “Zooplankton encounters in patchy particle distributions”, Ecological Modelling, 220, Issue 5, 596-604

Cianelli D., Manfra L., Zambianchi E., Maggi C., Cicero A. M., Cappiello A., Famiglini G., Mannozzi M. (2008), “Near–field dispersion of Produced Formation Water (PFW) in the Adriatic Sea: an integrated numerical - chemical approach”, Marine Environmental Research, 65(4), 325-337.

Book Chapters

Cianelli D, Manfra L, Di Mento R, Cicero AM, Zambianchi E, (2013), “Disposal of Produced Formation Water from offshore gas platforms in the Mediterranean Sea: a parametric study on discharge conditions aimed at mitigating risks for the marine environment” In: Mediterranean Sea: Ecosystems, Economic Importance and Environmental Threats, T. B. Hughes (Ed), Chapter 3, 65-90, Nova Science Publ, Hauppauge, NY. ISBN:978-1-62618-238-7

Cianelli D., M. Uttieri, R. Guida, M. Menna, B. Buonocore, P. Falco, G. Zambardino, E. Zambianchi (2013), “Land-based remote sensing of coastal basins: use of an HF radar to investigate surface dynamics and transport processes in the Gulf of Naples” In: Remote Sensing: Techniques, Applications and Technologies, Alcântara E. (Ed.), Chapter 1, 1-30, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY. ISBN: 978-1-62417-140-6

Cianelli D., M. Uttieri, B. Buonocore, P. Falco, G. Zambardino, E. Zambianchi (2011), “Dynamics of a very special Mediterranean coastal area: the Gulf of Naples” In: Mediterranean Ecosystems: Dynamics, Management & Conservation, G. Williams (Ed.), Chapter 7, 129-150, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY. ISBN: 978-1-61209-146-4

Cianelli D., L. Manfra, E. Zambianchi, C. Maggi, A.M. Cicero (2010), “Modelling and observations of Produced Formation Waters (PFW) at Sea”, In: Fluid Waste Disposal, Kay W. Canton (Ed.), Chapter 4, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY.

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