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Marco MiraltoTechnician
Research Infrastructures for marine biological resources Department
Bioinformatics, Computational Analysis & Data Management

e-mail: marco.miralto (at) szn.it
Tel. +39 081 5833452





Analyst, system administrator and developer since 1998, mainly focusing on Unix-like systems (GNU Linux and several BSD) and low level languages (C, C++).
I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in year 2006 at Federico II University (score 110/110). Between 2014 and 2016 I took part in several Italian IT startups as a founder or external collaborator.
I am passionate about electronics, hardware and music.
Starting from the beginning, I began working mainly on real-time and embedded systems, signal processing, HPC systems, going in depth of infrastructural aspects and development techniques.
I started a collaboration on HPC systems with GenoPom, faculty of Agraria University Federico II in 2015.
Since September 2016 I am working at the SZN A. Dohrn as system administrator and developer for Unix systems, and in charge for bioinformatics, computational biology and HPC systems (see http://bioinfo.szn.it/).

Selected Publications

A. Petrosino, M. Miralto, A. Ferone, ‘A real-time streaming server in the RTLinux environ- ment using VideoLanClient.’ Journal of Real-Time Image Processing 6(4): 247-256 (2011)

Partecipations at conferences

’1st international workshop on Open Source Software for embedded systems: the great challenge’, Roma, 7th May 2009, Gruppo Finmeccanica. Talks held: "Mission critical and real-time applications", "The QSOS methodology and the O4S tool"

'BBCC 2017', Napoli, 20th December 2017, Luca Ambrosino, Chiara Colantuono, Marco Miralto, Mara Sangiovanni, Maria Luisa Chiusano (Oral presentation) "A multilevel comparative genomics approach to check for inter and intra species relationships and gene predictions quality"

'BBCC 2017', Napoli, 20th December 2017, Massimiliano Volpe, Marco Miralto, Stefano Gustincich, Remo Sanges (Poster), "ClusterScan: a tool to discover and annotate genomic clusters"

'BBCC 2017', Napoli, 20th December 2017, Tangherlini M., Miralto M., Dell’Anno A., Corinaldesi C., Danovaro R. and Chiusano ML., (Poster), GLOSSARY: the GLobal Ocean 16S Subunit web Accessible Resource

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