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iudicone danieleResearcher
Section EMI

Tel. +39 081 5833329
Fax: +39 081 7641355
e-mail: daniele.iudicone(at)szn.it
Skype: diudicone

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Research interests

The oceans are the largest ecosystems on the planet and play a crucial role in many aspects of living on it. The peculiar physical context in which marine organisms live sets constraints and provides opportunities for specific adaptations, thus impacting organisms’ ecology and evolution.
The definition and understanding of the physical processes that are relevant for the marine biota are thus at the core of our research as oceanographers. We investigate the nature and impact of small scale mixing on plankton and the specific adaptive responses. Within the context of the climate change we also investigate the large scale circulation and dynamics and its impact on the exchanges of biogeochemical tracers between the surface and the deep layers and on the dispersal of organisms. A preferred conceptual framework for these analyses is the watermass framework developed by Walin that we contributed to expand.
We combine experimental, numerical and theoretical tools using a fully multidisciplinary approach. This implies collaborating with molecular biology, bioinformatics and ecology teams. The research is supported by national and international programmes. Presently a large part of the research is made in the collaborative framework of the Tara Oceans project (http://www.embl.de/tara-oceans/start/).

Journal Papers

Villar E, et al. (D. Iudicone is the last name) Environmental characteristics of Agulhas rings affect inter-ocean plankton transport. Science, 10.1126/science.1261447 (2015).

Sunagawa S, et al. (including D. Iudicone) Structure and Function of the Global Ocean Microbiome. Science, 10.1126/science.1261359 (2015).

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de Vargas C, et al. (including D. Iudicone) Eukaryotic plankton diversity in the sunlit global ocean. Science, 10.1126/science.1261605 (2015).

Brum JR, et al. (including D. Iudicone) Global patterns and ecological drivers of ocean viral communities. Science, 10.1126/science.1261498 (2015).

Pascual A, Ruiz S, Buongiorno Nardelli B, Guinehut S, Iudicone D, Tintoré J. (2015) Net primary production in the Gulf Stream sustained by quasi-geostrophic vertical exchanges, Geophys. Res. Lett., 42:441–449, doi:10.1002/2014GL062569.

Olivieri S, Picano F, Sardina G, Iudicone D, Brandt L. (2014) The effect of the Basset history force on particle clustering in homogeneous and isotropic turbulence. Phys. of Fluids, 26:(4).

Liccardo A, Fierro A, Iudicone D, Bouruet‐Aubertot P, Dubroca L. (2013) Response of the deep chlorophyll maximum to fluctuations in vertical mixing intensity, Progress in Oceanography, Volume 109:33‐46, ISSN 0079--‐6611, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.pocean.2012.09.004.

Séférian R, Iudicone D, Bopp L, Roy T, Madec G. (2012) "Water mass analysis of effects of climate change on air-sea CO2 fluxes: the Southern Ocean" J. Climate, 25: 3894–3908

Iudicone D, Rodgers KB, Stendardo I, Aumont O, Madec G, Bopp L, Mangoni O, and Ribera d'Alcala' M. (2011) Water masses as a unifying framework for understanding the Southern Ocean Carbon Cycle, Biogeosciences, 8:1031-1052, doi:10.5194/bg-8-1031-2011.


Pesant S. et al. (including D. Iudicone) (2015) Open science resources for the discovery and analysis of Tara Oceans data. Scientific Data, 10.1038/sdata.2015.23.

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