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Post Doc
Section BEOM
Tel. +39 081 5833255
Fax: +39 081 7641355
e-mail giovanni.annona(at)szn.it

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Research interests

annona giovanniComparative studies using different non-vertebrate organisms, especially basal chordates, are very useful. Because it is likely that the basic primary roles will be evolutionary conserved, the chordate amphioxus is the best available stand-in for the ancestor of the vertebrates. Importantly, amphioxus has a body plan, central nervous system, circulatory system and genome that are vertebrate-like, but simpler. In addition, in comparison to vertebrates, amphioxus has the same spectrum of gene families, but has markedly fewer genes per family (Holland et al., 2008; Putnam et al., 2008). This relative genomic simplicity make the amphioxus in especially favorable prospect for functional studies of signalling networks and other physiological processes.
In particular, my study focuses on the characterization of Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) gene expression, evolution and function. It is also my interest to carry out studies related to the product of NOS: Nitric Oxide (NO), highly responsive gaseous neurotransmitter, involved in many biological processes.
The study of amphioxus NOS/NO system will help to understand the possible acquisition of new functions and at the same time illustrate events linked to the evolution of these molecules.

Journal Papers

F. Maffucci, G. Annona, P. de Girolamo, M. A. Bologna,  L. Meomartino, A. Montesano, F. Bentivegna and S. Hochscheid, 2013. Bone density in the logger head turtle: functional implications for stage specific aquatic habits. Journal of Zoology, Volume 291, Issue 4, pages 243 –248, December 2013

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