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Campanini Claudia photoResearch Fellow
Sicily Marine Centre, Department of Integrative Marine Ecology

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn
Sicily Marine Centre - Palermo
Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo (Complesso Roosevelt)
90142 Palermo, Italia

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: claudia.campanini1

Curriculum Vitae

Supervisor: Dr. M. Cristina Mangano
Appointed on project: RETE 3 Golfi

Research Interests

Claudia Campanini is a marine biologist and a passionate scientific diver. During the past 2 years she had been travelling for the International Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea). After graduating with a MSc thesis on reef monitoring combining observer-based techniques and eDNA metabarcoding, Claudia joined Rete 3 Golfi project at Sicily Marine Centre (Palermo). For this project, she is contributing to the ecosystem-based monitoring (sediments, water, fish, benthos) by taking part in onboard expeditions and processing samples in laboratory. She considers diving as a tool to provide solid data to support conservation/restoration measures and raise awareness. In the future, she would like to investigate marine animal forests (MAFs), especially mesophotic coral ecosystems (MCEs).

Selected Publications

Campanini, Claudia, et al. (2021). Energy content of anchovy and sardine using surrogate calorimetry methods. Marine Environmental Research 172 : 105510. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.marenvres.2021.105510

Websites or online articles


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