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FrancescaDeDomenicoResearch grant
Integrative Marine Ecology Department

Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn - Sicily Marine Centre
Villa Pace, Contrada Porticatello 29
98167 Messina - Italia

Tel.: +39 081 5833751
E-mail: francesca.dedomenico(at)szn.it
Skype: live: francescadedomenico_1

Curriculum Vitae

Supervisor: Dr. Teresa Romeo
Appointed on project: P.O. FEAMP Campania 2014/2020

Research Interests

Most of my research has focused on the biology and the ecology of benthic organisms, from taxonomy of some species of Antarctic and Mediterranean echinoderms and Mediterranean pennatulaceans, to the study of biodiversity at different spatial scales. I have also studied some phenomena of epibiosis among benthic invertebrates; I have conducted studies and observations relating to the spreading of alien and invasive species and the related biogeographical implications, with particular attention to the mega- and macro-benthic populations of the Strait of Messina.

Recently, I have started to deal with the impact of marine litter pollution on marine ecosystems and in particular of microplastics in environmental matrices, such as surface water and sediments, and in macrobenthic, nectonic and benthonectonic organisms, also through infrared spectrometry methods for the chemical identification of plastic polymers.

Selected Publications

De Domenico F, Mangano MC, Porporato E, Spanò N. (2010). Young specimens of Munida intermedia (Decapoda, Anomura) living on Antedon mediterranea (Crinoidea, Echinodermata). Crustaceana 83(2):215-221.

Busalacchi B, Rinelli P, De Domenico F, Profeta A, Perdichizzi F, Bottari T. (2010). Analysis of demersal fish assemblages off the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea (central Mediterranean). Hydrobiologia 654(1): 111-124. DOI: 10.1007/s10750-010-0374-9

Porporato E, De Domenico F, Mangano MC, Spanò N. (2011). Macropodia longirostris and Latreillia elegans (Decapoda, Brachyura) climbing on Mediterranean pennatulidae (Anthozoa, Octocorallia): a preliminary note. Crustaceana 84(14): 1777-1780. DOI:10.1163/156854011X612884

Porporato E, De Domenico F, Mangano MC, Rinelli P, Spanò N. (2012). Ebalia nux (Decapoda, Brachyura) found among the leaves of Pteroeides spinosum (Anthozoa, Octocorallia). Crustaceana 85 (1): 125-128. DOI:10.1163/156854012X623539

Porporato E, Mangano MC, De Domenico F, Giacobbe S, Spanò N. (2014). First observation of Pteroeides spinosum (Anthozoa: Octocorallia) fields in a Sicilian coastal zone (Central Mediterranean Sea). Mar Biol, 44:589. doi.org/10.1007/s12526-014-0212-9

Bottari T, Mancuso M, Pedà C, De Domenico F, Laface F, Schirinzi GF, Battaglia P, Consoli P, Spanò N, Greco S, Romeo T. (2021). Microplastics in the bogue, Boops boops: a snapshot of the past from the southern Tyrrhenian Sea. J Hazar Mater, 127669. doi.org/10.1016/j.jhazmat.2021.127669

Pedà C, Longo F, Berti C, Laface F, De Domenico F, Consoli P, Battaglia P, Greco S, Romeo T. (2022). The waste collector: information from a pilot study on the interaction between the common octopus (Octopus vulgaris, Cuvier, 1797) and marine litter in bottom traps fishing and first evidence of plastic ingestion. Mar Pollut Bull174 (2022), 113185. doi.org/10.1016/j.marpolbul.2021.113185

Research grant: Dept. of Integrate Marine Ecology

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