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Genome re-engineering from land to sea by the seagrass Zostera marina

Olsen J.L., Rouzé P., Verhelst B., Lin Y-C, Bayer T., Collen J., Dattolo E., De Paoli E., Dittami S., Maumus F., Michel G., Kersting A., Lauritano C., Lohaus R., Töpel M., Tonon T., Vanneste K., Amirebrahimi M., Brakel J., Boström C., Chovatia M., Grimwood J., Jenkins J.W., Jüterbock A., Mraz A., Stam W.T., Tice H., Bornberg-Bauer E., Green P.J.,. Pearson G.A., Procaccini G., Duarte C.M., Schmutz J., Reusch T.B.H., & van de Peer Y.

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