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Ulisse Cardini and Grazia Marina Quero, researchers of the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, together with international collaborators are organizing a scientific session at the prestigious ASLO Summer Meeting that will take place in Victoria, Canada in June 2018. Their session will provide a forum for discussing the relevance of host-microbe interactions in aquatic ecosystem functioning.

The theme of the meeting is "Water Connects!". Water connects everything and everyone! Water transcends and connects all spheres: the lithosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere – from fresh to salty, from microscopic to macroscopic. Water connects us to each other and to resources – across cultures and society, across politics and international boundaries. However, these elements are too frequently studied in isolation. This meeting will encourage you to bring your knowledge, curiosity, and creativity to connect with each other and to share your passion for water!

Abstract submission and registration will be open by early January 2018.

Please go to https://aslo.org/victoria2018/main for information and to learn more about the agenda, including speakers, and optional events and activities.




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