You are here: HomeNewsNews15th International Congress on Marine Plants at the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station in Naples

17-21 June 2024
Monumental Complex of Santa Maria la Nova and Hotel Oriente, Naples

After 24 years, the World Seagrass Association congress returns to the Mediterranean
15 scientific sessions, 10 workshops and 8 excursions are planned, with 500 participants from 48 countries.

  • Main Topics:
    Responses of marine plants to environmental change
    Diversity of marine plant communities and interactions between species
    Conservation, management and participatory science in marine plant projects
  • Objective: To enhance progress on the evolution and genomics of marine plants, conservation strategies and management of these crucial natural resources.
  • Logo: The congress logo was created and donated by the Neapolitan artist Gennaro Regina. It represents Vesuvius, from which green Posidonia leaves erupt from the never-resting crater.
  • Organizing Committee: G. Procaccini (SZN), E. Dattolo, I. Olivé, J. Pazzaglia, I. Provera, V. Zupo (SZN), G.F. Russo (Parthenope University), M.C. Stems (OGS)

Join us for this unique opportunity to share knowledge and advance seagrass conservation research!

See the program here: https://www.isbw15.it/about-the-topic-isbw15/

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