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Course "Protein Function & Evolution"

Protein Function & Evolution
(mandatory curricular course for BEOM Ph.D. students)

SZN Course Coordinator: Dr. Immacolata Castellano (BEOM)


Protein structure, protein folding, and adaptation to different environments.
Protein structure: experimental determination and analysis.
Databases and tools to predict and visualize protein structures.
Origin of primordial proteins, evolutionary divergence (and convergence) of proteins, the evolution of protein complexity (protein families).
Selection of functional mutations, examples of protein evolution, constrains that structure exerts on function and evolution of proteins, enzyme promiscuity, moonlighting function of proteins
Protein function: ligand interaction, small molecules, and large molecules. Databases and tools for protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions.
Molecular simulations: protein-ligand interaction by docking tools.

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