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Code: 04894530635

The Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn of Napoli, founded in 1872, is a public Research institution entirely dedicate to scientific research. Here more than 20 Nobel Laureates have worked and made scientific progresses that contributed to the wellbeing of humanity.
In our Research Institution, marine animals and their habitat are studied and protected. The monitoring of the Mediterranean coasts and seabed is carried out with the most updated technical scientific equipment and the researches cover some of the most advanced sectors of biology.

Giving your 5 x 1000 to the Stazione Zoologica costs nothing, is simple and is upon your choice, it is an opportunity to support the non-profit organizations, such as the Zoological Station.

The 5 x 1000 at the Stazione Zoological will be entirely dedicated to protect the marine life and support the research of young scientists.

If Environment is important for you, please help us to learn more about our seas with your contribution: to protect our environment, we first need to understand it!

How to donate:
To donate your 5 x 1000 to the Stazione Zoologica, just sign and write the fiscal code of the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, in your tax declaration.

Fiscal Code: 04894530635

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