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The sibling polychaetes Platynereis dumerilii and Platynereis massiliensis in the Mediterranean Sea: are phylogeographic patterns related to exposure to ocean acidification?

Distribution, Community Composition, and Potential Metabolic Activity of Bacterioplankton in an Urbanized Mediterranean Sea Coastal Zone

Highly efficient DNA-free gene disruption in the agricultural pest Ceratitis capitata by CRISPR-Cas9 ribonucleoprotein complexes

Evolutionary loss of melanogenesis in the tunicate Molgula occulta

Assessing the environmental impacts of wave energy converters: dtermining appropriate reference sites

Nitric Oxide regulates mouth development in amphioxus

Comparative toxicity of seven rare earth elements in sea urchin early life stages

The short life of the Hoyle organ of Sepia officinalis: formation, differentiation and degradation by programmed cell death

Carbon and nitrogen allocation strategy in Posidonia oceanica is altered by seawater acidification

Seasonality affects dinitrogen fixation associated with two common macroalgae from a coral reef in the northern Red Sea

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