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Kleptopredation: a mechanism to facilitate planktivory in a benthic mollusc

Amphipod assemblages along shallow water natural pH gradients: data from artificial substrata (Island of Ischia, Italy)

A massive update of non-indigenous species records in Mediterranean marinas

Food selection of a generalist herbivore exposed to native and alien seaweeds

De novo assembly of a transcriptome from the eggs and early embryos of Astropecten aranciacus

An Insightful Model to Study Innate Immunity and Stress Response in Deep‐Sea Vent Animals: Profiling the Mussel Bathymodiolus azoricus

Insights into the genetic structure of the rabbitfish Chimaera monstrosa (Holocephali) across the Atlantic-Mediterranean transition zone

Evaluating the Effects of an Organic Extract from the Mediterranean Sponge Geodia cydonium on Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Non‑predatory mortality in Mediterranean coastal copepods

Seasonal rather than spatial variability drives planktonic and benthic bacterial diversity in a microtidal lagoon and the adjacent open sea

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