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Microbial associates of an endemic Mediterranean seagrass enhance the access of the host and the surrounding seawater to inorganic nitrogen under ocean acidification

Pfisteretal 2023 Microbial associates Posidonia Ischia Scie ReportsCatherine A. Pfister, Ulisse Cardini, Alice Mirasole, Luis M. Montilla, Iva Veseli, Jean‑Pierre Gattuso & Nuria Teixido

Ferroptosis precedes apoptosis to facilitate specific death signalling by fatty acids

Sinus venosus adaptation models prolonged cardiovascular disease and reveals insights into evolutionary transitions of the vertebrate heart

Effects of biodegradable-based microplastics in Paracentrotus lividus Lmk embryos: Morphological and gene expression analysis

Trace Elements and Persistent Organic Pollutants in Unhatched Loggerhead Turtle Eggs from an Emerging Nesting Site along the Southwestern Coasts of Italy, Western Mediterranean Sea

Dietary Preferences of Loggerhead Sea Turtles (Caretta caretta) in Two Mediterranean Feeding Grounds: Does Prey Selection Change with Habitat Use throughout Their Life Cycle?

Global Changes Alter the Successions of Early Colonizers of Benthic Surfaces

Biodegradation of Plastics Induced by Marine Organisms: Future Perspectives for Bioremediation Approaches

Morphologic and genic effects of waste pollution on the reproductive physiology of Paracentrotus lividus lmk: a mesocosm experiment

Volcanic-associated ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea: a systematic map and an interactive tool to support their conservation

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