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Temporal changes of genetic structure and diversity in a marine diatom genus discovered via metabarcoding

Biogeography of six species in the planktonic diatom genus Bacteriastrum (Bacillariophyta)

ClimateFish: A Collaborative Database to Track the Abundance of Selected Coastal Fish Species as Candidate Indicators of Climate Change in the Mediterranean Sea

Vertical distribution of Pseudo-nitzschia in the Gulf of Naples across the seasons

Jellyfish from Fisheries By-Catches as a Sustainable Source of High-Value Compounds with Biotechnological Applications

First certain record of Demospongiae class (Porifera) alien species from the Mediterranean Sea

Marine Demospongiae: A Challenging Treasure of Bioactive Compounds

Feasibility of the Sabellarid Reef Habitat Restoration

Management and Sustainable Exploitation of Marine Environments through Smart Monitoring and Automation

Occurrence of microfibres in wild specimens of adult sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck, 1816) from a coastal area of the central Mediterranean Sea

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