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Molecular basis, applications and challenges of CRISPR/Cas9: a continuously evolving tool for genome editing

Identification of long non-coding transcripts with feature selection: a comparative study

Daphnia magna and Xenopus laevis as in vivo models to probe toxicity and uptake of quantum dots functionalized with gH625

Taxonomic and functional diversity of a coastal planktonic bacterial community in a river-influenced marine area

Animal-like prostaglandins in marine microalgae

Cold seepages: An economic tool for hydrocarbon appraisal

Climate change promotes hybridisation between deeply divergent species

Morphological and genetic diversity of Beaufort Sea diatoms with high contributions from the Chaetoceros neogracilis species complex

Modelling plankton ecosystems in the meta-omics era. Are we ready?

Toxicity of diatom polyunsaturated aldehydes to marine bacterial isolates reveals their mode of action

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