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Stress Memory in Seagrasses: First Insight Into the Effects of Thermal Priming and the Role of Epigenetic Modifications

In Silico Identification of Type III PKS Chalcone and Stilbene Synthase Homologs in Marine Photosynthetic Organisms

Genetic confirmation of the first Mediterranean record of Holacanthus africanus Cadenat, 1951

Improving marine protected area governance through collaboration and co-production

How Sea Urchins Face Microplastics: Uptake, Tissue Distribution and Immune System Response

Antioxidant and immune response of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus to different re-suspension patterns of highly polluted marine sediments

Pheophorbide a: State of the Art

Non-indigenous polychaetes along the coasts of Italy: a critical review

Unpublished Mediterranean records of marine alien and cryptogenic species

Genetic insights into recolonization processes of Mediterranean octocorals

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