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ASSEMBLE Plus is a consortium of marine biological research stations in 16 countries, operating under the umbrella of the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC-ERIC). The consortium provides scientists from academia, industry and government with transnational access to its marine biological research facilities, its historical data, and to advanced training opportunities, ASSEMBLE Plus aims to stimulate fundamental and applied research excellence in marine biology and ecology in Europe.

What we do

The 39 partner stations in the consortium provide access to a wide range of marine ecosystems, including the Red Sea, the Caribbean and Svalbard. We aim at attracting not only marine biological projects but also ones from non-marine sciences and from the private sector. We further aim to improve service provision by developing novel technologies and data solutions. Access to our stations is Trans-National, meaning that you can access ASSEMBLE Plus stations in any partner country other than the country in which you are employed.
If you wish to make use of this access program, you need to submit a short research proposal, and if this is selected, you will be able to carry out your proposed research at a marine partner station of your choice. The expenses of your stay as well as your travel costs will be covered, within certain limits, by ASSEMBLE Plus. If you are employed outside the EU, you can make use of the access program as well, but some restrictions apply.
For more information on ASSEMBLE Plus, including information on calls for proposals, rules, application- and access procedures, and submission deadlines, see http://www.assembleplus.eu. For any specific questions, contact Access Officer Florence Guillot; Email: access (at) embrc.eu


ASSEMBLE Plus Access Providers in the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC-ERIC) are:
• EMBRC-Belgium (VLIZ, UGENT),
• EMBRC-France (Sorbonne Universités, CNRS),
• EMBRC-Greece (HCMR),
• EMBRC-Israel (HUJI),
• EMBRC-Italy (SZN, CNR),
• EMBRC-Norway (UiB),

ASSEMBLE Plus Access Providers not currently member of EMBRC-ERIC:
• Finland (UH),
• Germany (AWI, MPIMM),
• Ireland (NUIG),
• The Netherlands (NIOZ),
• Poland (IOPAN, UG-Gdansk),
• Slovenia (NIB),
• Sweden (UGOT – SLC).

Detailed information on the Access Providers is available on the ASSEMBLE Plus website at http://www.assembleplus.eu/

This distributed partnership provides access to diverse marine ecosystems and their biodiversity of the European coastal seas, the Red Sea (HUJI), the Caribbean (NIOZ), the Arctic (IOPAN) and the Antarctic (NERC-BAS).

Research Area

Research Infrastructure

Project Lifetime

48 months as of 1 October 2017

SZN Role

The SZN lead the Work Package “NA1 Improving Transnational Access (TA) provision”, coordinating the input from UPMC, UGOT, UPV/EHU, CCMAR, VLIZ, MSS.
The main objectives are:
• Establish a policy for regulating, granting and supporting TA;
• Set up single-access point for TA to the offered infrastructure;
• Test TA-pipelines through ASSEMBLE Plus and cognates in joint calls;
• Share best practices among platforms and services;
• Improve the efficiency of TA service provision.

SZN is involved as partner in three Joint Research Activities (JRAs).
JRA1 Genomics observatories
JRA3 Functional genomics
JRA4 Development of instrumentation

TA: In Italy, the SZN coordinates the transnational access to SZN in Naples and Ischia and to its Third Parties ISMAR-CNR in Venice http://www.ismar.cnr.it and IAMC-CNR in Messina http://www.iamc.cnr.it/index.php/contattaci/). All give access to Mediterranean pelagic and benthic hard- and soft bottom ecosystems.

SZN includes the main building in the Villa Comunale in Naples, the benthic ecology laboratory at Ischia Porto and the turtle research centre at Portici. Visitors have access to service platforms and research laboratories. SZN does not operate a guesthouse given ample supply of hotels and B&Bs nearby. SZN has extensive experience with collecting and maintaining model species and performing multi- disciplinary research on these organisms http://www.szn.it/index.php/en/research

Principal Investigator

Wiebe H.C.F. Kooistra

Funding Institution

Université Sorbonne coordinates the project.

Contribution to SZN

€ 1.017.745,25 of which € 289.702,00 to the Third Parties

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