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Rules for Request of Fellowships

Art. 1 The Stazione Zoologica, henceforward SZN, promotes collaborations with researchers of high qualifications and international experience, either Italian or foreign, non-employed by the SZN and not bound by any contractual relationship with SZN, to carry out its research and institutional activities.

Art. 2 The fellowship to the SZN is established to promote the development of research programs, including those included in the three-year plan of research activities of the SZN.

Art. 3 Researchers, technologists and other technical scientific profiles of highly qualified scientific universities, public research institutes or other government or public administration can join the SZN. Both active members or retired personnel of the aforementioned Institutions can present their candidature.

Art. 4 There are three different levels:
i) Young fellow of the SZN
ii) Research Fellow of the SZN
iii) Chair at the SZN

Art. 5 The eligibility of the requested Fellowships is evaluated by the Scientific Council on the basis of curriculum and scientific production of the candidate who may be excluded or accepted for one of the various types of fellowship.

Art. 6 The Administrative Council will establish the criteria and the rules regarding the activities and working conditions of the SZN fellows.

Art. 7 The fellowship is approved or revoked by the President of the SZN on proposal of the member interested in the position, after having consulted the Director of the Research Section, to accommodate the member, and will have to express the availability to provide technical and scientific support and the infrastructure to the member.

Art. 8 The SZN Research Fellows have the right to utilize the services, equipment and instrumentation of the SZN, and for the purposes of the programs and projects in which they collaborate, taking part with full rights in the activities of the research structure to which he is part according to the procedures established by the Administration Council. Young Fellow and Research Fellow have the right, when using the structure and infrastructure and the services, to the same treatment as the Researchers and Technologists who work at the SZN. The Chair of the SZN has free access to all the structures within the projects carried out in collaboration and on behalf of the SZN.

Art. 9 The reimbursement of expenses incurred for missions of the SZN Fellows will be acknowledged if related to research activities supported by SZN funding / programs, within the limits of the available budget and under the same conditions provided for researchers / technologists employed by the Institute.

Art. 10 If the Fellows contribute to the acquisition of a project of significant financial importance and of high scientific value, the Director of the Section may propose to appoint the same to Scientific Supervisor of the project in compliance with the scientific and economic interests of the SZN.

Art. 11 The fellowship will take place only after positive assessment of the Scientific Council and has an annual duration for Young Fellow, renewable according to the duration of the project which involves young researchers. The fellowship lasts three years for Research Fellow and is renewable upon evaluation of scientific contributions on behalf of the Scientific Council of the SZN. The Association of the Chair of the SZN is permanent.

Art. 12 The Fellowship to the SZN implies that the fellows report in their publications also the affiliation of the SZN. This aspect will be considered a priority for any eventual requests of confirmation of the fellowship.

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