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The challenge of proving the existence of metazoan life in permanently anoxic deep-sea sediments

Delineating ecologically significant taxonomic units from global patterns of marine picocyanobacteria

An Elk transcription factor is required for Runx-dependent survival signaling in the sea urchin embryo

Plankton food-webs: to what extent can they be simplified?

Distribution and functional traits of polychaetes in a CO2 vent system: winners and losers among closely related species

A pancreatic exocrine-like cell regulatory circuit operating in the upper stomach of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus larva

Subtle reproductive impairment through nitric oxide-mediated mechanisms in sea urchins from an area affected by harmful algal blooms

Biodiversity–ecosystem functioning relationships in long-term time series and palaeoecological records: deep sea as a test bed

Marine microorganisms as a promising and sustainable source of bioactive molecules

Macroecological drivers of archaea and bacteria in benthic deep-sea ecosystems

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