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In the framework of the G7 working group
“Promote increased G7 political action by identifying additional action needed to enhance the future routine ocean observation” as part of the Action “The future of Seas and Oceans”

June, 14/15 2017 - Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Napoli, Italy
Organizing committee: Prof Roberto Danovaro, Dr. Daniele Iudicone and Dr. Marco Borra

In the framework of the G7 Oceans and seas working group Action 1 experts recommend the development of a G7 strategy for extending observations focused on a set of priorities. This includes the definition of a roadmap for the establishment of “augmented” observatories (i.e., genomic-enabled multidisciplinary observatories) to allow deeper investigation of marine biology and ecology and as sites to test the new technology with the aim to develop an observational system capable of penetrating deeper in to the biology and biogeochemistry of the ocean, broadening the scope of standard measurements (Bio Argo and SOO), developing new sensors and establishing ‘augmented observatories’ as foci of more detailed studies and as sites to test the new technology

Under the auspices of the Italian G7 Presidency the workshop is organized for discussing the draft document and prepare its final form before the forthcoming G7 event in Turin at the end of September

The aim of the meeting is to prepare a roadmap for a fully multidisciplinary approach to the study of marine ecosystems necessary to assess ongoing ocean changes and their impact on economies, and to develop appropriate, coordinated policies to ensure the sustainable use of the oceans and seas. 
The core of the roadmap will consist in the empowerment of selected observatories as sites for developing protocols for a routinely inclusion of meta-omics (also to foster integration with blue economy and blue biotech), and as test sites for new technologies (sensors, devices).

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