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The 9th Conference of the European Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology, EuroEvoDevo (https://www.helsinki.fi/en/conferences/euroevodevo-2024), has been held last week in the beautiful city of Helsinki, Finland. A diversity of fascinating questions, organisms and technologies were discussed at the meeting attended by more than 600 delegates from all over the world.
SZN was present with 12 colleagues and their contributions featured two exciting talks (Ina Arnone and Maria Cocurullo) and one poster (Lorenza Rusciano) on sea urchin development, an award-winning poster on the evolutionary role of retinoic acid during mussel embryogenesis (Federica Salatiello), and yet another poster on retinoic acid and its function in cardio-pharyngeal specification during-tunicates embryogenesis (Enrico D’Aniello). The Golgi structural changes in development and differentiation (Giovanna Benvenuto), light sensing in Octopus (Giacinto De Vivo) and the circadian clock in echinoderm larvae (Tanya Alessandro) were also lively introduced at the conference through poster presentations. Even diatoms made it to the conference, with two well received oral presentations on diatom life cycles and sexual reproduction (Mariella Ferrante and Antonella Ruggiero), and a cool poster on the response to environmental stress (Alessandra Mussi)!
SZN (Salvatore D’Aniello) was also partner in the organization of the “Amphioxus Satellite Meeting” that has seen a growing interest in comparative studies of marine invertebrate deuterostomes.

Get in touch with the SZN Researchers if you are interested in learning more on these topics.

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