Deadline postponed - New deadline 11.11.2018

Public competition based on examination of qualifications, exams and interview for the recruitment of a Researcher (permanent position) - III professional level, in the field of Phylogenesis and evolution of marine organisms, with knowledge of methods for the study of marine organisms, their phylogenesis, and evolution with advanced molecular approaches. 

Estratto di bando su G.U. IV serie speciale n. 66 del 21/08/2018 (in Italian)

Accesso agli atti

Approvazione graduatoria e nomina vincitore (pubbilcato il 25 luglio 2019)

Diario Prove Orali

CV Marco Curini-Galletti

CV Marco Oliverio

CV Cinzia Verde

Diario Prove Scritte

Decreto sostituzione segretaria commissione esaminatrice

Decreto Presidente Nomina Commissione

Call for Selection

Submit application - How to fill in the online form

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