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Biology and Evolution of Marine Organisms Department

Tel.: +39 081 5833324
Fax: +39 081 7641355
e-mail: maria.sirakov(at)szn.it
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Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Somatic stem cells allow blood, bone, gametes, epithelia, nervous system, muscle, and several other tissues to be replenished by fresh cells throughout entire organism’s life. Generally, the somatic stem cells reside within restricted tissue microenvironments, known as niches, where their ability of self-renewal and multipotency is tightly regulated by signalling pathways. Understanding the phylogenetic and ontogenetic origin of somatic stem cells is an intriguing topic realted to cancer and regenerative medicine. The possibility to extend this research to marine organisms represents an improved tool to provide new perspectives in the field. In particular, I am currently exploring the biology of intestinal stem cells, in deuterostome chordates (i.e. ciona  and amphioxus) and protostomes (i.e. mussel). A better understanding of the conservation and evolution of the molecular mechanisms acting to establish and maintain stem cell population, controlling their physiology and regulating the niches, is fundamental to define how niches change depending on the physiological context (development, homeostasis or regeneration) and how these changes can contribute to cancer and tissue aging, also applicable in translational studies in human.

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

SIRAKOV M and Plateroti M (2018) In Vitro Approaches to Identify Thyroid Hormone Receptor-Dependent Transcriptional Response. Methods Molecular Biology 1801:29-38.

Peer reviewed articles

Skah S, Uchuya-Castillo J, SIRAKOV M and Plateroti M (2017) The thyroid hormone nuclear receptors and the Wnt/β-catenin pathway: An intriguing liaison. Developmental Biology 422 (2): 71-82.

SIRAKOV M, Kress E, Boussouar A, Lone IN, Nadjar J, Plateroti M (2015) The nuclear receptor TRα1 controls the Notch signalling in the murine intestine. Development 142(16):2764-74.

Skah S, Nadjar J, SIRAKOV M and Plateroti M (2015) The secreted Frizzled-Related Protein 2 modulates cell fate and the Wnt pathway in the murine intestinal epithelium. Experimental Cell Research 330(1):56-65.

SIRAKOV M, Kress E, Nadjar J, Plateroti M (2014) Thyroid hormones and their nuclear receptors: new players in intestinal epithelium stem cell biology? Cellular and Molecular Life Science 71(15):2897-907.

Bellefroid EJ, Leclère L, Saulnier A, Keruzore M, SIRAKOV M, Vervoortc M, De Clercq S (2013) Expanding roles for the evolutionarily conserved Dmrt sex transcriptional regulators during vertebrate embryogenesis. Cellular and Molecular Life Science 70(20):3829-45.

Diala I, Wagner N, Magdinier F, Shkreli M, SIRAKOV M, Bauwens S, Schluth-Bolard C, Simonet T, Renault VM, Ye J, Djerbi A, Pineau P, Choi J, Artandi S, Dejean A, Plateroti M and Gilson E (2013) Telomere protection and TRF2 expression are modulated by the canonical Wnt signaling pathway. EMBO Report 14(4):356-63.

SIRAKOV M, Borra M, Cambuli FM, Plateroti M (2013) Defining Suitable Reference Genes for RTqPCR Analysis on Intestinal Epithelial Cells. Molecular Biotechnology 54(3):930-8.

Parlier D, Moers V, Van Campenhout C, Preillon J, Leclère L, Saulnier A, SIRAKOV M, Busengdal H, Kricha S, Marine JC, Rentzsch F, Bellefroid EJ (2013) The Xenopus doublesex-related gene Dmrt5 is required for olfactory placode neurogenesis. Developmental Biology 373:39-52.

SIRAKOV M, Skah S, Nadjar J, Plateroti M (2013) Thyroid hormone's action on progenitor/stem cell biology: New challenge for a classic hormone? Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1830 (7): 3917-3927.

SIRAKOV M and Plateroti M (2011) The thyroid hormones and their nuclear receptors in the gut: From developmental biology to cancer. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1812(8):938-46.

Kress E, Skah S, SIRAKOV M., Nadjar J, Gadot N, Scoazec J, Samarut J Plateroti M. (2010) Cooperation Between the Thyroid Hormone Receptor TRa1 and the WNT Pathway in the Induction of Intestinal Tumorigenesis. Gastroenterology 138: 1863-1874.

SIRAKOV M, Zarrella I, Borra M, Rizzo F, Biffali E, Arnone MI, Fiorito G Selection and validation of a set of reliable reference genes for quantitative RT-PCR studies in the brain of Cephalopod Mollusc Octopus vulgaris. BMC Molecular Biology 2009; 10:70.

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