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The first International Summer School on Marine ecotoxicology, SSME1, is organized by the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn under the patronage of Ordine Nazionale dei Biologi and will take place in July 2019 from the 1st to the 5th.

SSME1 will provide an advanced training on different classes of traditional and emerging marine pollutants and how biological systems respond to and are affected by these contaminants at all biological levels.

The participants will focus on:

  • Marine chemical stressors: metals, antifoulants, nanomaterials, plastics
  • Climate changes: global warming, ocean acidification
  • Marine natural toxins
  • Marine model organisms in ecotoxicology
  • Biomarkers and bioindicators in marine environmental monitoring
  • Reprotoxicology
  • Case studies
  • Ecotoxicity tests

The program consists of lectures and practical sessions held by internationally recognized experts and researchers in the field. Practical session will include innovative and standardized toxicity tests for the assessment of ecotoxicological effects in different marine organisms.

This course will allow the participants to acquire methods and approaches for the detection and assessment of the impact of environmental stressors on marine biota.

SSME1 is open to 20 people with basic knowledge in ecotoxicology

The registration fee is 300,00 (three hundreds/00), which includes documentation, coffee and lunches, but it does not include accommodation.

The Ordine Nazionale dei Biologi (ONB) supports SSME1 with funds to cover the fee for thirteen participants and provides a certificate worth ECM credits (continued medical education) to all participants.

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