You are here: HomeNewsNewsEngineer Cosimo Vestito of the MEDA Unit wins the “IMEKO Best Demo Award” for a Graphics User Interface displaying sea conditions in real-time

From 11 to 13 October 2017, the workshop of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO www.imeko.org), "Metrology for the Sea" (www.metrosea.org) was held in Naples at Parthenope University. The workshop focused on new technologies for the marine monitoring, marine metrology sensors, calibration methods, and graphical interfaces.

During the Workshop, the Organizing Committee awarded the "Best Demo Award" to the MEDA Graphic User Interface (MEDA-GUI) designed and implemented by Engineer Cosimo Vestito in collaboration with Dr. Fabio Conversano and Dr. Augusto Passarelli. The MEDA GUI shows in real time the weather and sea condition data transmitted by the two meda-elastic buoys located in the Gulf of Naples, in the waters off Bagnoli and the Stazione Zoologica.
The interface displays a series of atmospheric and marine parameters collected from the surface up to 15 meters deep. In order to facilitate the understanding of the data even by less experienced users, information is presented in the form of graphic animations. The ultimate goal is to give access to this information via the SZN portal, facilitating its use to a large number of users, including local fishermen, yachtsmen and beach tourists.

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