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FotoPh. D. Student
Integrative Marine Ecology Department

e-mail: friederike.peiffer(at)szn.it
web : www.marinesymbiomes.eu

Curriculum Vitae

Director of Studies: Dr. Ulisse Cardini
Internal Supervisor(s): Dr. Grazia Marina Quero
External Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christian Wild
Program: Ph. D. program of the University of Bremen

Research Interests

My overall research interest lies in the functioning of marine ecosystems and the interaction with anthropogenic influences. For this I believe it is important to think and work interdisciplinary to understand the ecosystem and the underlying processes in its entirety. In my Ph.D. research I focus on the effect of ocean acidification on microbe-host associations and biogeochemical cycling in Mediterranean coastal habitats (i.e. P. oceanica meadows and surrounding sediments). To do this, I make use of the ‘natural laboratories’ of Ischia Island with its underwater CO2 vent sites that provide natural environments with increased pCO2 and reduced pH. Further, I will use metagenomic tools to study the associated microbial community and structure and I will use nutrient and oxygen measurements and stable isotope probing to quantify carbon and nitrogen fluxes.


Peiffer F., Bejarano S., Palavicini de Witte G., Wild C. (2017). Ongoing removals of invasive lionfish in Honduras and their effect on native Caribbean prey fishes. PeerJ 5:e3818

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