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Mascolo CelestinaPh. D. Student

Biology and Evolution of Marine Organisms

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Labeling regulations in UE countries (Reg. UE 1379/2013) impose to indicate the origin on labels of fishery products, that is the marine area where the product was caught or farmed. In particular, food business operators must indicate the FAO sub-area or division in understandable terms to the consumer. In this way, the operator has the opportunity to create new industry protocols and trademarks to protect the local productions and the final consumer. The aim of my Ph.D. project is the genetic characterization of commercially valuable marine resources from FAO areas, with the specific aim to typify marine resources from the Gulf of Naples. The study of intra-species variability would provide useful information for determining the source of the catch according to FAO subareas. This could be done studying the DNA of fresh, frozen or processed fish products, and also mixtures of most fish species. The study will focus on commercially important fish species from Campania region and from other Italian areas with the purpose to georeference and differentiate them from species of the same genus or from populations of different geographical origins of the same species. The marine species will be chosen among the most caught in the Mediterranean Sea as reported by FAO. Similarly, the project aims to provide reliable tools for the creation of procedural guidelines (DOP, IGP etc), through the genomic characterization of the fishery products from a specific geographic area. Finally, this study will eventually contribute to the creation of a biomolecular resource collection on subpopulations of commercially valuable species living in the same areal marine as a reference dataset that will enable further investigations on the role of environmental factors and gene flow in determining genetic variation.

Journal Papers

• Mascolo C., Marrone R., Palma A., Palma G. Nutritional value of fish species. Journal of Nutritional Ecology and Food Research (2013), 1: 219–225.
• Marrone R., Mascolo C., Palma G., Smaldone G., Girasole M., Anastasio A. Carbon monoxide residues in vacuum-packed yellowfin tuna loins (Thunnus albacares). Italian Journal of Food Safety (2015), 4: 4528

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