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Sangiovanni MaraPost Doc
RIMAR Department

e-mail: mara.sangiovanni (at) szn.it
Tel. +39 081 5833260

Curriculum Vitae




Resarch Interests

I like to be on the frontier between Biology and Computer Science. I am coming from a Computer Science background, with a special interest in Machine Learning approaches for clustering, supervised and semi-supervised classification, feature selection. In 2009 I started learning Biology, while designing and developing software tools for comparative genomics. During my Ph.D. in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics I developed Model Checking techniques for the simulation of Genome Scale Metabolic Networks of human liver cells.

Here at the Stazione Zoologica I am in the BIOINforMAtics service (see: http://bioinfo.szn.it/). I am mainly involved in the development of new methodologies and tools for the exploration, visualization and processing of NGS data coming from marine organisms, with a special focus on comparative genomics and metagenomics problems.

Selected Publications

Viola M, Sangiovanni M, Toraldo G, and Guarracino M. R. Semi-supervised generalized eigenvalues classification. Annals of Operations Research 1-18, 2017.

Sangiovanni M, Granata I, Maiorano F, Miele M, Guarracino MR. Var2GO: a web-based tool for gene variants selection. BMC Bioinformatics 17 (12), 135, 2016.

Jakaitiene A, Sangiovanni M, Guarracino MR, Pardalos PP. Multidimensional Scaling for Genomic Data. Advances in Stochastic and Deterministic Global Optimization, Springer International Publishing, 2016.

MR Guarracino, M Sangiovanni, G Severino, G Toraldo, M Viola. On the regularization of generalized eigenvalues classifiers. AIP Conference Proceedings 1776 (1) 040005, 2016.

Sangiovanni M, Granata I, Guarracino MR. DecontaMiner: a pipeline for the detection and the analysis of contaminating sequences in human NGS sequencing data. Dynamics of Mathematical Models in Biology, 137-148, Springer Book, 2016.

Ambrosino L, Bostan H, di Salle P, Sangiovanni M, Vigilante A, Chiusano ML. pATsi: Paralogs and Singleton Genes from Arabidopsis thaliana. Evol Bioinform Online. 2016 Jan 11;12:1-7.

Marco Viola, Mara Sangiovanni, Gerardo Toraldo, Mario R. Guarracino. A generalized eigenvalues classifier with embedded feature selection. Optimization Letters. September 2015.

Roberto Pagliarini, Mara Sangiovanni, Adriano Peron, Diego di Bernardo Combining Flux Balance Analysis and Model Checking for metabolic network validation and analysis. Natural Computing. September 2014, Volume 14, Issue 3, pp 341-354.

Mara Sangiovanni, Alessandra Vigilante and Maria Luisa Chiusano Exploiting a Reference Genome in Terms of Duplications: the Network of Paralogs and Single Copy Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. Special issue on Plant Biology, Biology2013, 2(4), 1465-1487.

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