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Research Interests

Embryonic development is controlled by gene regulatory networks (GRN) and the differential expression of genes in these GRNs throughout developmental time. We are interested in using next generation sequencing to answer evolutionary and developmental questions. Currently, I am studying the gut development using Sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) and sea star (Patiria miniata) as models. It was discovered that the ParaHox genes SpLox and SpCdx play a major role in the proper developing gut, more specifically the hindgut (Annunziata and Arnone, 2014; Cole et al., 2009). Through the use of RNA-seq and cross species analysis we are investigating the GRN of genes downstream of the SpLox and SpCdx at various time-points. We are identifying genes that are differentially expressed in both sea star and sea urchin and investigating the correlation between the two. To determine direct and indirection interactions we are also using Chip-seq technology for sea urchin. Taken together we will have a better picture of the GRN involved in gut development in both sea urchin and sea star.
Additionally, we are studying vision and light sensing using tissue specific comparative transcriptomics of gene differential expression in two species of sea stars, the crown of thorns starfish-Acanthaster planci-and the eye-less Astropecten irregularis.

Journal Papers

S. D'Aniello, J. Delroisse, A. Valero-Gracia, E.K. Lowe, M.Byrne, J.T. Cannon, K.M.Halanych, M.R. Elphick, J. Mallefet, S. Kaul-Strehlow, C.J. Lowe, P. Flammang, E. Ullrich-Lüter, A. Wanninger, M.I.Arnone. Opsin evolution in the Ambulacraria. (2015) Marine Genomics.

M. Brozovic, C. Martin, C. Dantec, D. Dauga, M. Mendez, P. Simion, M. Percher, B. Laporte, C. Scornavacca, A. Di Gregorio, S. Fujiwara, M. Gineste, E. K. Lowe, J. Piette, C. Racioppi, F. Ristoratore, Y. Sasakura, N. Takatori, T. C. Brown, F. Delsuc, E. Douzery, C. Gissi, A. McDougall, H. Nishida, H. Sawada, B. J. Swalla, H. Yasuo and P. Lemaire. ANISEED 2015: a digital framework for the comparative developmental biology of ascidians. (2015) Nucleic Acids Research

Stolfi, A.*, Lowe, EK*, Racioppi, C, Ristoratore, F, Brown, CT, Swalla, BJ, Christiaen, L. Divergent mechanisms regulate conserved cardiopharyngeal development and gene expression in distantly related ascidians. eLife 2014;10.7554/eLife.03728  
*co-first authors

Databases and repositories (Figshare, arXiv)
Github repositories: https://github.com/elijahlowe (last visited, 18/09/2015)

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