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The Zoological Station of Naples (SZN) has a tradition in the taxonomy of marine organisms. Since its founding in 1872, the SZN hosted numerous specialists who have conducted studies on the morphology of various organisms from the Gulf of Naples. The results of all this work are now found in Monographs, and an impressive taxonomic collection of type specimens are now stored in the Museum of SZN. This priceless scientific patrimony forms today a reference for scientists worldwide.
Another heritage constitutes the highly developed skills in taxonomy of various groups of marine organisms at the SZN.

To exploit all this wealth of knowledge, we wish to make it more accessible to the scientific community. Therefore, we propose that our SZN taxonomic expertise is organized into a specialized counseling center and a service for the identification of marine organisms.


Diana Sarno

Tel. + 39 081 5833282

e-mail: diana.sarno(at)szn.it






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