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Cold-water corals and large hydrozoans provide essential fish habitat for Lappanella fasciata and Benthocometes robustus

Global Carbon Cycling on a Heterogeneous Seafloor

Syllidae (Annelida: Phyllodocida) from the deep Mediterranean Sea, with the description of three new species

Insights into the CuO nanoparticle ecotoxicity with suitable marine model species

Sperm viability assessment in marine invertebrates by fluorescent staining and spectrofluorimetry: A promising tool for assessing marine pollution impact

Who's there? - First morphological and DNA barcoding catalogue of the shallow Hawai'ian sponge fauna

Influence of diatom diversity on the ocean biological carbon pump

Plankton food for benthic fish: de visu evidence of trophic interaction between rainbow wrasse (Coris julis) and pelagic tunicates (Pegea confoederata)

Biological complexity behind plankton system functioning: Synthesis and perspectives from a marine Long Term Ecological Research

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